Killian Jamieson Diverticulum Resection



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  • uploaded December 11, 2022

In this video we show the resection of a KILLIAN-JAMIESON DIVERTICULUM, which is a diverticulum located lateral to the cervical esophagus due to its protrusion through a weak muscle area (Killian-Jamieson triangle). It is very rare, typically seen in patients over 50 years old, unilateral and at the left side. The etiology is controversial, but it is thought to be due to a lack of coordination. The most commonly (80% of cases) it is asymptomatic (typically detected in an US, and it is confused with a thyroid nodule). The symptomatic cases (20%) usually present dysphagia or cough. During surgery, the diverticulum is located on the left, in relation to the recurrent nerve. It is resected and in this case the constrictor muscle is sutured (myotomy is NOT performed).

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