Disclaimer clause of the eLarynx Portal


(1) To the extent permitted by law, the Administrator's liability is excluded for:

(a) any damage resulting from the way in which Users use the Portal, insofar as such actions by Users do not constitute normal use of the Portal in accordance with its intended purpose,

b) any damage caused to the User due to incorrect sharing of the Files or the impossibility to share the Files due to this,

c) consequences of third parties gaining access to the User's access password, provided that this was due to the User's fault (e.g. the password was made available to a third party by the client),

d) the provision of the password and data to persons authorised under the applicable legal provisions,

e) Information downloaded by the User from the Internet and the consequences of its use by the User,

f) damages caused by force majeure,

g) for any actions undertaken with regard to the User in relation to his/her infringement of the provisions of the law or these rules, in particular for the blocking of public access to the Account, the total blocking of the Account, the removal of individual Files, the restriction of the possibility of using specific services or functionalities of the Portal, or the removal of the Account together with all the Files stored in it.

h) for potential damage in connection with the content of Comments and Materials,

i) the User's actions consisting in the collection of personal data in breach of the law and its subsequent processing, in particular making it available to unauthorised persons in a manner inconsistent with the regulations governing the protection and processing of personal data.

(2) To the extent permitted by law, the Administrator reserves the right to:

(a) periodically shut down the Portal without prior notice,

b) remove immediately one or more Files uploaded by the User, as well as the entire Account, without prior notice, in the event of an infringement of the provisions of these Rules,

c) remove some or all of the Files on the eLarynx Portal in exceptional situations,

d) limit access to selected Materials to a certain group of Users,

e) to discontinue the provision of free services altogether, after prior notification to the User on the Portal pages,

f) remove Comments or Materials in the event of discovering that they may infringe the rights protected by law of third parties or violate good practices,

g) transfer its rights and obligations relating to the provision of electronic services on the eLarynx Portal to another competent entity.