Privacy Statement

Privacy policy of the eLarynx Portal

The Privacy Policy describes how the Administrator deals with personal information, including personal data, when the User uses the Portal Services. It also applies to other information provided when using the Portal. The following describes the Administrator's privacy procedures. This document forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions and the agreement for the provision of services by electronic means which the User concludes with the Service Provider by registering on the eLarynx Portal


(1) The Service Provider is the administrator of the personal data provided by the User in the registration form.

(2) The User, by providing personal data on the pages of the Portal, declares that:

(a) they are truthful,

b) he/she agrees to the processing of this data by the owner of the Portal for the purposes of administration of the Account, handling of payments and provision of services within the Portal,

3. each User has the right to inspect their data, as well as the right to correct and delete them. This right should be exercised directly through the Website of the Portal or by a written request to

(4) Except in justified cases permitted by law, the Regulations and this Privacy Policy, the Service Provider shall not share the User's personal data with third parties.

(5) The Service Provider reserves the right to entrust the processing of personal data to other entities. At the same time, the Service Provider shall ensure that it will endeavour to ensure that the security of the entrusted personal data is guaranteed at the highest level applicable in the territory of the European Union.

6) Deletion of the data provided in the registration form by the owner of the Portal, at the request of the User, shall make the further provision of services within the Portal technically impossible and shall be equivalent to deletion of the Accounts of this User.

7. the Service Provider shall not be liable for the User's actions consisting in illegal collection of personal data and their subsequent processing, in particular making them available to unauthorised persons in a manner that does not comply with the provisions on personal data protection.

(8) The Service Provider shall not be liable for the provision of personal data to unauthorised persons if such provision was not the fault of the Service Provider or was made in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or pursuant to the provisions of law.


1 Viewing the Portal.

It is possible to view the contents of the Portal without a User Account. You can also contact the Administrator directly by sending an e-mail to without registering an Account.

2. Account on the Portal.

Certain activities on the Portal, such as in particular posting/adding Files or posting Comments/Posts, require User Account Registration and are only possible for Logged-in Users. During Registration, you must enter certain personal information, including your e-mail address and password. These are used to protect your User Account from Unauthorised Access.

3 Usage Information.

When using the Portal, the Administrator may record information on such topics as (in particular):

(a) data about other Users with whom the User concerned communicates

b) data about the content viewed by the User on the Portal

c) data about the elements "clicked" by the User on the Portal.

(4) In order to ensure the quality of the service, the Administrator may include a tag (also referred to as a "web beacon" file), the email of the customer service department in HTML messages or other messages sent to confirm their delivery.

5 Content Submitted to the Portal.

Any Personal Information as well as Entries and Comments provided online by you, including the page content of the relevant Account, may be collected and used by other Users.


(1) Where Personal Information is submitted to the Portal, it may be used to maintain, share and improve the Portal and to process all the information posted within the available Content Units.

(2) The Administrator does not use Users' Personal Information to send commercial or advertising messages without their consent.

(3) The Administrator uses cookies, web beacons and log information to (in particular):

(a) save information so that it does not need to be re-entered during the User's next visit to the Portal,

b) provide the User with customised and personalised content and information,

c) monitor aggregate measurements such as the total number of visitors and pages viewed.


(1) Once a User Account is created on the Portal, certain information about the User and the User's activities will be made available to other Users of the Portal. This information may include, but is not limited to, the date your Account was opened, your first name, surname, nickname, country and the number and type of Files uploaded.

(2) During various activities on the Portal, other Users will be shown the name of the User's Profile or the User's first and last name depending on the setting of the User Account. Users may establish contact between themselves by leaving a Post/Comment on the relevant Account.

(3) All Materials that a User has made public may be re-distributed via the Internet and other channels, may be viewed by other Users and may become publicly available in a manner chosen by the Administrator.


Having his Account, the Registered User may update or correct his personal profile information at any time to the extent that the functionality of the Account allows.


(1) One of the business objectives of the Portal Administrator is to provide relevant and useful advertising for Users. In order to achieve this, cookies and third-party advertising systems are used, among other things. Various information may be used to display relevant advertisements, including cookies, web beacons, IP addresses, usage statistics and other non-personal information about the computer or device (such as browser type and operating system). If you are logged into a User Account, advertisements may also be displayed based on the information you provide within that Account.

(2) Among other things, the Administrator uses cookies on the Portal to help advertisers and publishers display and manage advertisements on this and other partner sites. Ads may be displayed based on interests linked to online activity information that does not identify the User. Such information includes, but is not limited to, data about the content you view. Ads may also be served to you based on your previous activity on that advertiser's website. This non-personally identifiable information is stored separately from User Account data and other personally identifiable information held by the Administrator.

(3) Other advertising companies may display advertisements on the Portal as long as they meet the Administrator's requirements for displaying advertisements. The Administrator does not share any personal information with foreign servers or networks of these companies without the User's consent. For more information on the practices of third-party servers and networks and instructions on how to withdraw consent to their handling of data, please refer to the privacy policies of the administrators of these servers. The Portal's Privacy Policy does not apply in this case. The Administrator is not in a position to control the activities of other advertisers carried out using their sites. Any data obtained by third-party advertising servers and made available to the Portal are processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


1 The Administrator complies with the Polish principles for the safe storage of personal data.

2. for more information on the privacy procedures of the eLarynx Portal, please write to the Administrator's email address