Right neck dissection levels IIA, IIB, III and IV



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  • uploaded November 16, 2022

In this video we show a neck dissection of the levels IIA, IIB, III and IV.

After cutting the skin, subplatismal flaps are raised. Then, the anterior border of the SCM muscle is identified and the fascia cut. The SCM muscle is skeletonized and the internal jugular vein is exposed. The XI cranial nerve (accessory nerve) is located in the upper third of the SCM muscle. The tissue above the nerve will also be removed in this procedure as the level IIB of the dissection. On the lower limit the omohyoid muscle is identified and preserved, but movilized to be able to remove the tissue below the muscle as the level IV of the dissection. The upper and lower ends of the internal jugular vein are identified and all the tissue on top of the vein is removed. The cervical rootlets are sought, preserved and followed, protecting the scalenes and the phrenic nerve at the floor of the neck.


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